Business Insurance

In today’s complex & ever-changing business environment, ensuring your company has the proper protection can be daunting. At J2 Insurance, we help cut through the noise and deliver clear, actionable guidance. Our consultants take the time to understand every aspect of your business today (and your plans for tomorrow) in order to design the optimal risk management strategy.

Property and Casualty Insurance is designed to cover your company’s physical property—building, furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, landscaping, outdoor signage and more—based upon the value of your assets and your exposure to risk. Insuring a commercial property is often much more complex than insuring a home, and our consultants ask the right questions to ensure your business is properly protected.

General Liability Insurance protects your business against property damage and bodily injury claims for which you are found liable and can also provide a defense even if you’re not at fault. Although some specific exposures are now excluded from a general liability policy (ex. perils like cyber-attacks & employer discrimination), a general liability policy remains an important cornerstone of any commercial insurance plan.   

Workers’ Compensation Insurance takes care of your most valuable assets—your employees—while protecting your business if an accident occurs on the job. It remains one of the most “controllable” commercial insurance expenses, and we can help design coverage that maximizes protection for you & your employees while keeping a careful eye on cost. 

Business Umbrella Liability For most business owners, their business is their greatest asset and proper umbrella coverage ensures that this asset is well protected. General liability policies are often capped at $1M, so any lawsuit or claim against the business >$1M could begin to deplete business assets (this could mean selling off inventory, buildings, & equipment, if underinsured or lacking liquidity). An umbrella policy that provides a greater level of protection is paramount.  

Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions Insurance) is intended to protect advice-giving and/or service-providing businesses against claims of negligence.  Professional service firms (ex. law firms, accounting, financial services) generally have significant professional liability exposure – advice gone wrong often falls back on the service provider creating potentially costly claims & litigation.  

Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance covers a business' liability for a data breach where the firm's customers' personal information is stolen or exposed by a criminal or hacker who has gained access to the firm's private network. The policies cover a variety of expenses associated with data breaches such as notification costs, costs to defend claims by state regulators, credit monitoring for those affected, fines, penalties, and losses resulting from identity theft.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance.  Employees can often represent your greatest business asset, but they also represent one of your greatest risks. A disgruntled employee can cost a business dearly, even if the employer has done nothing wrong. As of 2017, the average cost to defend/settle an employment-related lawsuit was $160,000 – up from $125,000 in 2015. A general liability policy will not protect your business against the many & varied grievances often cited by employees in a lawsuit –deprivation of career opportunity, discrimination, failure to employ or promote, negligent evaluation, sexual harassment, wrongful discipline, wrongful infliction of emotional distress, wrongful termination.

Commercial Auto.  Commercial auto insurance is a liability and physical damage protection for vehicles used especially for business –cars, truck, and vans. Because these vehicles are generally exposed to greater risk than a personal-use vehicle, they require a separate policy. Securing commercial insurance for your company’s delivery vans or dump truck may seem obvious. Less obvious exposures include vehicles used to run errands, carry tools, or transport clients. Securing commercial auto coverage in these instances is just as important.