Personal Insurance

Optimizing your personal insurance means having the right amount of protection at the lowest price, without sacrificing quality. No two situations are alike, so our consultants will get to know your unique goals and circumstances in order to find the optimal coverage for you and your family. We shop dozens of highly rated carriers to find you the right protection at the lowest price.

Homeowner’s insurance:

All homeowner’s insurance is not created equal and every situation is unique. As an independent firm, we can access numerous carriers and customize a policy unique to your needs. As the years' progress, we’ll audit your coverage to ensure two things 1) it still suits your needs and 2) you’re receiving a highly competitive rate. Our team can help design coverage the right coverage for you. 

Auto insurance:

Whether you have a custom motorcycle, teenage drivers to consider, own an RV, or drive for Uber, our team can help find the right coverage for you. Our team of experienced consultants will shop the market to find you the right amount of protection at the best rate. 

Umbrella Insurance: while home and auto policies provide a degree of liability protection, it is often inadequate to protect against a major claim or lawsuit. A lawsuit resulting from the dog biting a neighbor, hitting a pedestrian with your car, or a major injury on your property all could result in a claim that exceeds your liability limits. An umbrella policy that “kicks-in” when the underlying liability protection on your home & auto policy is exhausted is crucial in protecting your net worth. A single event like the ones described above could wipe out a nest-egg overnight.